Christmas With A Mexican Twist

The holidays not only bring an opportunity to spend time with family, friends and be merry. The holidays also bring the opportunity to eat and enjoy a lot of special dishes that we don’t often eat the rest of the year. Christmas food in Mexico changes from region to region. However, there are some classic dishes that stand out such as turkey, ham, romeritos with mole, bacalao, tamales and menudo to name just a few. In the UK the menu will include roasted vegetables, roast beef, turkey, beef wellington and Yorkshire puddings. For most of us Mexicans living in the UK our holiday menus have morphed into a delicious blend of the best of both worlds (as most amazing things are). This year, we share a few side dishes that we will have at our tables while spending some quality time with our dear ones.  All of them very easy to make and delicious! Here’s our Christmas with a Mexican Twist menu.

We had such a great time planning and making this menu. The inspiration came from Mexican and British classics that we love. Most ingredients can be easily found either in supermarkets, corner shops, delis and online. If you need any more ideas on where to get Mexican ingredients check the following link or check our Amazon shop.  You can find the recipes for all of these dishes on the links bellow.

Here at Mextrade want to thank you for your incredible support during this year! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and the best for next year!

Tamal Cupcakes

Christmas Menu - Tamal Cupcakes with Chicken & Salsa Verde

Brussels Sprouts With Chorizo, Red Onion And Guajillo Flakes

Christmas Menu - Brussel Sprouts & Chorizo With Chilli Mix

Roasted Vegetables With Chilli Mix

Christmas Menu - Roasted Vegetables with Guajillo Flakes

Crispy Potato Roast With Guajillo Flakes

Christmas Menu - Crispy Potato Roast

Picadillo Sausage Rolls


Christmas Menu - Picadillo Sausage Rolls

Christmas Menu With A Mexican Twist