Mexican Food In London by Mexicans – Part III


The new year has brought to us an amazing array of Mexican Food options. With this being declared ‘The Year Of The Taco’ and Mexican Food being ‘The Next Big Thing’ time and again, we’re taking to the streets to review Mexican cuisine once more, and this trip was especially fascinating! Here’s our Mexican Food In London Part III by Mexicans

Santo Remedio

This restaurant is the new place in town and it’s already causing a stir in the food scene. Without much advertising, but with a lot of new things to offer, people are falling in love with the feel and flavours you can experience here.  Santo Remedio brings together a really lovely place, full of nice and personal details wherever you look (pay special attention to the many photographs on the walls taken by Edson), setting the perfect atmosphere to enjoy really nice food. Owned and operated by Edson Diaz-Fuentes, former Head of Menu Innovation at Wahaca. It comes as no surprise that the food is delicious. We particularly enjoyed the Chicken Wings in Mole Negro, which are so tasty! An amazing Mexican twist to an old time classic. The Grilled Short Rib Steaks are a great hit of flavour. However, we think that the baby potatoes that come with it are pure perfection. The Guacamole and Elote are an ideal companion to any dish on offer. Make sure you try their Hibiscus water, made from actual flowers, so lovely! We have so much more to try from Santo Remedio. Their Rellenito Tacos (which are pasilla chillies filled with plantain and beans) sound like a very interesting and different taco worth trying.

We highly recommend Santo Remedio! An interesting new option for people looking to try the authentic and the new. Whenever you’re around the East London, make sure to visit this place, we’re sure you’ll love it!










Set at the heart of Shepherds Bush, Habanera is making great Mexican Food. Its Chef, Ernesto is passionate about Mexican food and together with a fantastic team, things can only go great. Winners of last year’s Lukas Awards and their Chilli winning Delicious Magazine’s Great Chilli Cook-Off (Get his recipe here), we couldn’t wait to try some of their food. We had a lovely selection of tacos but it was one in particular that stood up, their Goat Taco. Incredibly nice and unique. The goat meat is so tender and seasoned to perfection then topped with cherries, marinated in Mezcal…. that’s right. The mix of flavours and textures makes this taco one of the tastiest and most original we’ve tried. Another fantastic item on the menu is their Mexican Style Fish & Chips… which is so, so good. The fish is cooked in a delicious batter, so tasty and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. This is the closest to Baja style battered fish we’ve tried outside Baja and that is hard to achieve.  It doesn’t end there though. The sweet potato fries makes the perfect companion. To round it up? A delicious chipotle mayo dip… just amazing.

If you are ever around the area and fancy some fantastic Mexican food, make sure you head up to Habanera, you won’t regret it.









The moment you enter Santo you feel like you are at home. From the moment you are welcomed in, to the moment you leave, you have the feeling that you are somewhere where you can relax, have delicious drinks, eat great food with high possibilities of dancing too! Don’t be fooled by the small space, when the DJ starts his set, you’ll find that suddenly there’s a dance floor available. Their Birria Cazuela is so good! You can taste the chillies and spices in this dish. Perfect to make your own tacos. Their Ceviche Guadalajara is not only pretty, but really nice with chile de arbol, radishes and onion seeds. Make sure you try their Margaritas which are one of the best in town!

Whenever you’re around Portobello Market area, head up to Santo for great food and drinks. Remember there’s guaranteed party every Friday with the in-house DJ and live bongos!










Sometimes, things are perfect. Sometimes, the setting, the area, the food and the drinks are just so incredibly good that is hard to believe. We had that experience in Molé. Big words, but totally honest. Molé is conveniently located in central London, just around the corner from Selfridges. There are amazing options around the area but we find this place to be by far, the most interesting. Their restaurant is beautiful. No pink colours, no catrinas or pinatas around and yet, elegant and Mexican. It can be done. Molé does it to perfection. Then, there’s the food. Chef Alejandro  has created and perfected their menu to a level that we just have not seen in London. It is shocking to see how uncommon this level of quality and beauty is found around. This might sound like it’s over the top or out of reach but trust us, Molé offers a fantastic and approachable elegant Mexican food experience. And it looks like it comes effortlessly. When their Roast Lamb Shoulder Tacos came to our table we were struck first by how dazzling they looked. Our eyes were drawn to the tortillas: hand made tortillas. We find it unbelievable that to this day, almost nobody dares to make hand made tortillas.  The lamb shoulder was so exquisite and tender. It melts in your mouth. It’s topped with fresh serrano pepper and a fine but crunchy fried sweet potato crumble. The play of textures and flavours are just fantastic. Eating this taco made us think how sublime a simple taco can be. Having a hand made tortilla makes the taco experience so much more enjoyable. No breakdowns, no picking up the taco fillings with a fork from the plate. Then we tried their Hoisin Duck Taco with Black Habanero. What a way to fusion flavours. This taco is not only stunning to look at but absolutely delicious. Once again, the tortilla held its ingredients to perfection until the last bite. Then we tried their Seabass Ceviche with tomato, sweet potato, plantain, jicama or yam bean and crunchy maize kernels. What a beautiful thing it was. Freshly made to order and you can taste that. Perfectly marinated and seasoned. No tostadas needed, just a spoon to enjoy the flavours and textures of this beautiful and fresh dish that once again, we have only tried to this quality level in Baja.

Molé is worth visiting for so many reasons, this is the best modern take on authentic Mexican cuisine in London. This is the kind of Mexican food that must be tried over and over again. We hope your experience is as enjoyable as it was for us.












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