Chilhuacle Negro


Chilhuacle Negro is the main ingredient in Mole Negro or Black Mole from Oaxaca. Along with the yellow and red varieties, chilhuacle chilli peppers are very rare. The high production cost and the traditional methods to dry it makes it very expensive.

Chilhuacle negro or black, together with the Amarillo and Rojo (Yellow and Red) varieties are one of the hardest to find chillies from Oaxaca. The high production cost and the traditional drying process where chilhuacle chillies are laid on the ground to the sun and then turned every 2 to 3 hours, makes them very expensive and difficult to mass produce. Chilhuacle Negro is a basic ingredient for Mole Negro. They have an intense flavour and they could be susbstituted by Pasilla or Cascabel chillies.


Chilhuacle Negro Chillies