Crepas de Mole


2015 was a fantastic year! We had many amazing opportunities to make, try, reinvent and more importantly, taste many amazing dishes all around London. However, our favourite place is our kitchen where we are constantly making food where the stars are Mexican ingredients. Sometimes, the results are better than expected. Such is the case of these Crepas de Mole or Mole Crepes. We are convinced that this has to be the tastiest fusion we’ve tried recently. The best of all? It’s so easy! We chose to go meatless for this version but we can se this recipe working with chicken too.

Mole Crepes
8 Crepes

For the crepes
-250g Plain Flour
-2 Free Range Eggs
-2 Tsp Melted Butter
-600ml Milk
-Butter for frying

For the filling
-170g Goat’s Cheese
-150g Natural Greek Yogurt

Mole Doña Chonita
– Natural Greek Yogurt to drizzle on top
– Sesame Seeds


To make the crepes, mix all ingredients on a blender or with a whisk. On a hot skillet place enough mixture to cover the whole surface making sure it stays as thin as possible. Cook for 1-2 minutes and turn around. Set crepes aside and start filling them up once all of them are made.

Place the contents of Mole Doña Chonita on a small sauce pan and heat without bringing to a boil. This sauce is amazing and ready to serve.  Remove from heat and make sure to whisk before serving. Mole tends to get a harder layer on top once it starts to cool down, this is normal and it will go away with a little bit of whisking motion.

Mix the goat’s cheese and natural Greek yogurt and add enough mixture to each crepe. You can either roll them up or fold them into quarters. Spoon enough hot mole to cover the crepes. Drizzle with a little of the yogurt and some sesame seeds on top.

The tangy taste of the yogurt, the sharpness of the goat’s cheese and the chocolate-spiciness of the mole make these crepes a total winner of flavour.