Mestizo cactus salad


Mestizo cactus salad

Cactus Salad

Mestizo is not simply a restaurant, it is an experience.  Located on the Hampstead Road in London’s Trendy Camden Town, Mestizo has adorned London with an authentic taste of Mexico. Dishes are prepared in the traditional way, using authentic recipes passed down from generation to generation. Such is the case of this Cactus salad. A classic of Mexican cuisine made with fresh delicious ingredients available here in the UK.



* Chop the coriander

* Cut the onion & the tomato into fine slices

* Place the cactus into a bowl

* Mix the cactus, coriander, apple vinegar, black ground pepper, olive oil and salt


* Place a lettuce leaf on a plate

* Place the cactus over the lettuce with the tomato and feta cheese as a garnish

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