Mole de Olla

Mole de Olla is a traditional stew from Mexico made with beef, vegetables and a delicious mix of dried chillies. It is hearty, spicy and full of goodness. Perfect for these winter days.   Our version skips this last step for those moments when dried chillies are not available. We added instead Red Enchilada Sauce which is made with guajillo chillies and de arbol chillies giving it delicious flavour and heat. Making this stew takes some time because the longer you cook the meat for the tender it gets, other than that, the preparation is quite easy! Here’s what you need for 4 portions.


– 500 gr Diced Beef
– 2 Large Garlic Cloves
– 1 Medium White Onion
– 1 Large Potato
– 1 Large Carrot
– 1 Large Courgette
– 1 Large Corn Cob
– Handful of Green Beans
– 250g Red Enchilada Sauce
– 1 Beef Stock Cube
– 1 tsp Ancho Powder
-Salt & Pepper
– Water

Place beef, onion, garlic and 1tsp salt in a large pot with enough water to cover the ingredientes. Wait for it to boil and then lower the heat. Let it cook slowly for about 45 minutes. Once this time has passed, remove the garlic cloves. Add vegetables, cube stock, ancho powder, Red Enchilada Sauce and add more water until all the ingredients are covered. Let it cook until the vegetables are cooked through. Add pepper and salt if needed. 

Note: The Red Enchilada Sauce is quite hot! The stew will be medium hot using this sauce. 
Keep an eye on the amount of liquid required and be ready to add more if needed.