Tamal Cupcakes

Tamal Cupcakes With Chicken And Salsa Verde

Tamales are the perfect packed to-go food. They are made with corn flour and then filled with either chicken, pork, vegetables or even pineapple or raisins. They are then wrapped in corn husks and steam cooked. We decided to take a big shortcut and change the presentation but we kept all the flavour. We used Minsa which is the only corn flour in the UK certified GMO free and gluten free so every time you make anything with Minsa you can be sure that is the best product out there.

These cupcakes are incredibly easy to make. You’ll have in no time all the comfort of a tamal in a pretty little morsel. We strongly recommend giving these ones a go.

Tamal cupcakes

Yield: 6 cupcakes

Preheat oven to 176C

Mix the masa harina with warm water until you get the desired consistency. The rule is to use 1.25 parts of warm water for each part of flower. The reality is that sometimes it needs less water and sometimes it takes more. Once the dough is ready cover the bottom and sides of a cupcake tin with the dough making sure is even on all sides so it cooks properly.

Mix the chicken with most of the salsa verde and fill up each cupcake space. Bake for 35 min until cooked. Top up with more salsa verde, a dollop of soured cream and garnish with fresh coriander. Enjoy!

Tip: The cupcakes are delicious as they are but if you want to add an even more authentic taste, mix the masa harina with chicken stock instead of water. These cupcakes open a whole lot of possibilities to make them with mole, pork and sweet! All you need is imagination to take them whatever direction you fancy.

Tamal Cupcakes

Tamal Cupcakes with Chicken and Salsa Verde


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