Where there’s a tortilla there’s  potential tacos about to happen. Trust us, we are Mexicans. If it was up to us, we would taco everything! Over the last year or so, we have been busy on our test kitchen trying to recreate the food we miss the most from back home with  products available in the UK. The good news? It is possible and delicious!  Here’s a list of the recipes we’ve made so far about Mexico’s most precious export to the world: The Taco

The Classic Tacos

  • Tinga Tacos  Tinga tacos are possibly the easiest way to make an authentic and delicious Mexican dish in a very easy way. Homemade Tinga Tacos are amazing! Very few ingredients and oh so good! Tinga Tacos
  • Birria Tacos Birria might not be the easiest dish to make but as with most things, sometimes you need to take it slowly. The reward is out of this world delicious! Have a Birria bowl or endless Homemade Tacos with our recipe.Birria Tacos
  • Beef Tinga Tacos This recipe by our good friends over at Lupita ticks all the right boxes! Chipotle and tomatillos makes this Tinga incredibly tasty!Tinga de res (Lupita)

The Veggie Tacos

  • Crispy Potato Tacos Only crunchy veggie goodness here! Just like back home!Crispy Potato Tacos
  • Tender Cactus Tacos  This is a fantastic option to enjoy cactus! If you haven’t tried them, give them a chance! They are not only tangy and delicious, they are a super food yet to be discovered!recipe-Tamal-UK-front-ok-1024x726

Taco Fillings and Toppings

  • Mexican Pinto Beans This fail proof recipe will make perfect, healthy Mexican style pinto beans. Only a few ingredients and a bit of patience are the key to a great bowl of healthy beans for your tacos!Mexican Beans
  • Guacamole A hot and delicious take on the classic taco topping. We challenge you to not eat it on its own before it makes it to the taco!Picante guacamole
  • Chilli Con Carne A very Mexican take on this classic from the United States! One of the best chilli con carne we have tried!recipe chilli front ok
  • Pasilla de Oaxaca Salsa Pasilla de Oaxaca is an exotic chilli and equally delicious! This salsa can easily be made with any other dry chilli for different levels of flavour and heat. No taco is complete without a good salsa.Pasilla de Oaxaca Salsa

The Enchiladas

  • Enchiladas Rojas  Let’s face it, enchiladas are tacos too! Covered in delicious sauces but tacos at the end of the day. These red enchiladas are fried in a delicious sauce made with a blend of dried chillies. Absolutely perfect!Enchiladas Rojas
  • Enchiladas Verdes  On the same line, we can’t look over green enchiladas with a sauce made with tomatillos instead of dried chillies. Always a winner!Enchiladas Verdes

Stay tuned for more Mexican food endless inspiration, we are just starting!