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Clearly, traditional food is not only respected and easily found in Ensenada but in most recent years, it serves as an inspiration to be transformed into something else.

It is easy to think about Mexican food as one single thing. Tacos, mole sauce, and salsas are part of that. However, Mexico is not only a big country but every region has its own magic,  culture and food are the best examples of it. While the Yucatan peninsula has given us the beautiful cochinita pibil, Mexico City their tacos al pastor, and Sonora their amazing flour tortillas, just to name some highlights among all the amazing food from every region, Baja has given us fusion. National and international.

While most of Mexico’s regions have a long tradition behind them, full of rich history that has shaped every part of their own culture, Baja California is a relatively new part of the country. Ensenada was founded as a city only 140 years ago. While there were settlements before that, it has been only recently that has become an important part of the culinary map in Mexico. 

The population in Ensenada is cosmopolitan with people from all over the country moving in all the time. Its closeness to Tijuana, an important border city with the US brings also people from all over the world looking to cross the border, some of them also settle here. Historically, Ensenada’s most important influences have been Spanish, Russian, and American. 

Geographically, Ensenada is located in a privileged area between the Pacific Ocean and mountains that create a unique Mediterranean climate. This climate allows for the area to be great for the cultivation of grapes and olives, making these important parts of an already rich culinary scene. With fresh fish and seafood available at our doorstep, a rich blend of people from all over Mexico and the world bringing their own traditions and recipes, Baja, and Ensenada in particular has created a unique and delicious food style where everything and everyone is welcomed. A place where the old and the foreign are embraced, transformed, and sometimes improved. Fusion is done in a delicious way. The best example is Baja Med. 

Baja Med is a term conceived by Chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero that refers to the fusion cuisine of Mexican food, such as chicharrón and cotija cheese, with those of Mediterranean, such as olive oil, and Asian cuisine, such as lemongrass. Baja Med dishes showcase the fresh produce and seafood of Baja California.

Examples of Baja Med are:

  • Birria Ramen: Exactly what it sounds like. Ramen was inspired by the original Japanese broth but made with birria. As delicious and shocking as it sounds.
  • Sushi: While sushi is quite popular all over Mexico, the kind of sushi one can find in Baja or Ensenada in this case, is quite special. According to Vice: “Mexican sushi is all that traditional sushi is not”. And yet…is a fusion so delicious where the rolls are crunchy, very tasty, spicy, cream cheese-filled, and finger-licking good. 
  • Tempura fish tacos.
  • Deep sea shrimp served with fried marlin, baby farm tomatoes, scallions, and a sauce made with local cheeses.
  • Beet carpaccio with blue cheese and mint vinaigrette.
  • Duck skewered with licorice and sprinkled with guava dust.
  • Risotto topped with salt-cured nopalitos (prickly pear cactus) and charred octopus.
  • Slow-cooked short ribs bathed in a mission fig syrup on top of a black mole sauce.

Clearly, traditional food is not only respected and easily found in Ensenada but in most recent years, it serves as an inspiration to be transformed into something else. Not for the purists, for sure, but very much present for everyone to be enjoyed and loved. 

Next time you see an unusual recipe from us, now you know why. It is in our veins!



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