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Mexican food is as vast as the Mexican territory. What we know in the UK as Mexican food is only a small selection of dishes coming mostly from the centre and south of Mexico. This time, we want to talk about Ensenada. Ensenada is right now one of the most vibrant places to enjoy Mexican food. Being the traditional way or the modern take on Mexican cuisine, Ensenada has everything to offer.

There are many reasons that make Ensenada style food so unique such as geography, Mediterranean climate, a rich mixture of people from all over the country that brought with them their food and traditions. Baja California has its own style of Mexican food. From the wines and gourmet food in the Guadalupe Valley to its many charming streets stands all around the city, Ensenada’s food has become one of the most interesting experts in the culinary scene not only in Mexico but in the rest of the world too. Such is the case of La Guerrerense, a traditional seafood stand that has now earned a spot in the upcoming Bourdain Market in New York where it will share space with some of the best world food thanks to its now iconic Ceviche tostadas and salsas.

We teamed up with Karla from Mexican Food Memories to make some of the classic dishes Ensenada style.  She not only is from Ensenada but she’s also one of the most important Mexican food bloggers in the UK. Based in London, she creates the dishes she grew up with and shares the delicious recipes all over social media. Karla shows us day to day that you can make authentic Mexican food at home with ingredients available in the UK.

Here’s what we made:

Fish Tacos – These fish tacos are the real thing. Nothing else but basic ingredients to make these delicious tacos. No need for fancy flowers, colours or twists.



Oysters with 3 different toppings – We were so lucky to find the prettiest oysters in town and topped them with mignonette sauce, chorizo salsa and ancho powder



Scallops & Hoja Santa Ceviche with Avocado Mousse – These tostadas are everything! Crunchy, fresh, delicious. A must try! We highly recommend topping them with a few drops of Valentina Sauce



As you can see, we had a fantastic time cooking these delicious dishes. We had the opportunity to share tips, to talk about the food of course and to be thankful to be able to share our passion with you through food.  You can find the recipes for all these dishes on Karla’s Blog and follow on Instagram for daily Mexican goodness


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