Mexican Ingredients - Vegetarian Recipes II

It is easy to think that Mexican food is meat-heavy and even when a lot of our classic dishes are, the truth is that a lot of the actual flavour comes from our beautiful spices and sauces and these are all plant-based! Playing with that idea, it becomes quite easy to substitute, include or get creative with food! These are just some of the vegetarian recipes we have come up with. We’ve had enjoyed planing these recipes and enjoyed eating them even more! We hope you give them a go! Make sure you check our Vegetarian Recipes Part I

Mexican Shakshuka


There’s so much goodness in this recipe. There’s nothing not to like about shakshuka:  a rich tomato-based sauce where eggs are nested and slowly cooked in. Our take on it was to naturally, include our lovely Mexican twist into that tomato sauce. The result is a wholesome, warming and silky version of this classic that will please everyone. The key to success? Pasilla chilli! Find the recipe for Mexican Shakshuka here. 

Poblano & Cheese Quiche


We love rajas con queso in Mexico. Tender poblano strips mixed with cheese that we eat as a dish on its own or even use it as a filling. In this recipe, we take that as the base to transform it into a quiche. What’s not to like about cheese, buttery crust and poblano strips? We think you’ll love this one! Find our Poblano & Cheese Quiche recipe here.

Spicy New Potatoes


These are so good and spicy! Perfect as a snack or a side dish. Think of it as an actual patatas bravas that is actually spicy thanks to the use of Arbol chillies. Lemony, spicy goodness! Find our recipe for Spicy New Potatoes here. 

Veggie Ceviche


Ceviche is a fish-based dish that relies on lime juice to “cook” the fish. It infuses it with flavour and the rest is pretty much a classic fresh salsa with tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers. For this veggie version, we skipped on the fish and used a classic Mexican ingredient: hominy, the same one to make pozole or menudo. This proved to be a fantastic choice since the consistency and flavour goes beautifully well with this refreshing dish. Find our recipe for Veggie Ceviche here. 

Baja Veggie Tacos


Fish tacos are amazing and a lot of the magic comes from the batter. A light, airy, tasty and crispy shell that covers the fish or like in this case, cauliflower, that has the perfect consistency to make these tacos as good as their non-veggie version. Find our recipe for Baja Veggie Tacos here. 

Poblano Enchiladas with Kale & Potatoes


These enchiladas are so wholesome and finger-licking good! Delicious lightly fried corn tortillas filled with creamy potatoes and kale and covered in a rich poblano sauce. These are not only easy to make but so good that they will please everyone. Find our recipe for Poblano Enchiladas with Kale & Potatoes here

Creamy Enchiladas


Now that we are talking about enchiladas, we have to recommend these ones. The creamy pasilla sauce is an absolutely winner. So good that we used it again in the recipe below. The filling for these enchiladas is a creamy mixture of ricotta and kale. These are so good! Must try! Find our recipe for Creamy Pasilla Enchiladas here. 

Roasted Butternut Squash with Creamy Pasilla


As mentioned above, we couldn’t get enough of this creamy pasilla sauce so we used it over slow-roasted butternut squash and a simple black rice salad. So simple and so indulgent at the same time. The sweetness, the spiciness, the textures on this recipe are beautiful. Find the recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash with Pasilla Sauce here

Adobo Roasted Vegetables with Chipotle-Tahini Sauce


This is as easy and tasty as it comes. Lightly seasoned veggies, roasted in the oven and served with one of the most amazing combinations there are:  chipotle and tahini. This is absolutely delicious. Find our recipe for Adobo Roasted Vegetables with Chipotle-Tahini Sauce here. 

Mexican Street Style Corn


Street style corn is a favourite dish/snack in Mexico. Tender corn kernels that have been slowly cooked and served with loads of cheese, spicy salsas, chilli powder, butter, mayo, cream…the toppings are wide and varied. For this recipe, we made a really delicious guajillo salsa that you can keep using over everything you like. Don’t miss this one! Find our recipe for Mexican Street-Style Corn here

Chipotle Plantain Tacos with Sweet Pasilla Salsa


This is a wild recipe. A very unusual combination of ingredients that result in something really different but delicious. The sweetness from the plantains goes so well with the savoury black beans and is then topped with a very special salsa made with pasilla and piloncillo. A perfect recipe for those of us with an adventurous palate. Unusual and delicious! Find our recipe for Chipotle Plantain Tacos with Sweet Pasilla Salsa here. 

Mexican ingredients are perfect for a veggie-friendly diet. All the flavour, spice and textures are there to transform any dish! To see more recipes like these, find our Vegetarian Recipes Part I here.



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