Mexican Ingredients - Vegetarian Recipes IV

Welcome to part IV of our ever-growing collection of vegetarian recipes made with our beautiful Mexican ingredients. Nothing makes us happier than to get creative with our ingredients and come up with delicious, beautiful, veggie-friendly dishes. We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did!

Pinto Beans Hummus 


Hummus is delicious in its pure, original form, however, it serves also as an inspiration to combine some of those traditional ingredients with other not-so-usual ones that bring a fantastic twist to it. In this case, we have used our beloved pinto beans. A humble staple of our Mexican cuisine, always available in everyone’s kitchen. Here, it transforms into something completely different thanks to the tahini and the chipotle which make this hummus version silky, smokey, and delicious! An absolutely fantastic option to try. You can find the recipe here.

Coronation Veggie Salad


This is an unexpected but really good twist to the classic coronation chicken salad. We have changed chicken for chickpeas and added sweet chipotles instead of chutney. It works and it works great! We are 100% behind this recipe and we think you should absolutely try it. Find the recipe here.

Spicy Drowned Eggs with Potatoes


The key here is the beautiful harissa paste made with our lovely guajillo and Arbol chillies. They bring not only stunning colour but flavour too! This dish is just one of many more where the harissa paste shines bright. This one is a keeper and on repeat at home. Find the recipe here. 

Veggie Chorizo Rosti


Chorizo is something we dearly miss when living outside Mexico. It has not only a different consistency than Spanish chorizo but also the flavour is different. We have tried to keep both as real as possible and we think we made it! For texture, we used tempeh while adding our own ingredients to preserve that beautiful flavour that we love so much. This recipe is also a keeper! Chorizo and potatoes are a winning combination and these rostis are amazing even on their own. Don’t miss this one! Find the recipe here.

Oyster Mushroom Tacos


These tacos are everything! They have the textures and flavours completely down. Oyster mushrooms allow for so much! They are easy to roast, fry and grill, such as in this recipe. Marinated with a delicious mixture of ingredients, they are their best self here. Serve them with good corn tortillas and your favourite salsa and you have fantastic, satisfying tacos that are also delicious and light! Recipe here!

Chipotle Adobo Tempeh Bowl


We love salad bowls! They are pretty, easy and full of good-for-you things. This one is a clear example of that! We marinated tempeh steaks with a mixture of chipotles in adobo and tahini. Delicious! Plus, please don’t miss the creamy tomatillo dressing in this recipe! It is fantastic and one of our favourite dressings to date. We make it all the time and use it with everything. Don’t miss it! Recipe here.

Cactus Salad


We have two cactus salad recipes here, very similar between them and you will be happy to make either. Cactus are such a staple of Mexican food. We love them in stews, grilled, raw…you name it. We even drink them in smoothies! Cactus are a fantastic source of vitamins and fibre but aside from being good for you, they are just so lovely and delicious! If you have never tried cactus, we can tell you that their consistency is very similar to that of green beans or asparagus and their flavour is slightly citrusy. We highly recommend you try this recipe.

Homemade Ricotta Taquitos (Requesón)


Requesón is a very common homemade cheese in Mexico. Very similar to ricotta, creamy and light. Excellent in many dishes such as these taquitos. We took the lightness from the cheese and filled these fried taquitos with it. These ones are so good! Crunchy and light at the same time. Recipe here. 

Veggie Enmoladas


Enmoladas are basically enchiladas covered in mole sauce. Mole, one of the most traditional of all Mexican sauces, shines bright here. The combination of our corn tortillas and mole is one not to be missed. A simple filling works great here to be able to really enjoy the complexity of the mole. Recipe here. 

If you enjoy Mexican flavours and vegetarian-friendly recipes, make sure to check out Part I, Part II and Part II of this series, they are full of delicious, feel-good meal ideas!


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