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As an online Mexican shop, we thrive on bringing excellent quality Mexican ingredients all the way from Mexico. We have some obvious bestsellers such as chipotles, tomatillos, cornflour or dried chillies, however, there are some hidden gems in our shop that deserve attention too. If you are with us, is because you appreciate authentic Mexican products and the following items can be super interesting for you! Click on the orange links to go straight to the products.

Mexican Sweets & Snacks - There are some classic Mexican sweets and snacks in our shop and like our food, they are full of surprises!


Mazapan is made with peanuts and sugar. That’s all! The beauty of this sweet is the texture: not too crumbly, just enough, and held together by the natural oils from the peanuts. Origins for mazapanes can be traced back to Arabic influences in Southern Europe and then brought over to the Americas. There are many variations in Latinamerica but this is the classic mazapan from Mexico. 


Chilli Lollipops 

Mexican kids get familiar with spicy foods very early through our sweets and snacks. They are spicy, delicious and very addictive! It can take time to get used to them but they are a fun way to explore other cultures. They are definitely a must as a conversation starter at parties or to have on your next Taco Friday meet up. They even have funny shapes such as this one that looks like corn and this one that looks like mango

Spicy Peanuts 

As you can tell now, we really like peanuts and if they are spicy, even better! Spicy peanuts are often enjoyed as a regular snack during the day but they are certainly best with a good cold beer. Highly recommended!


In essence, Takis are spiced, rolled up crispy corn tortilla chips. In reality, they are one of the most addictive, spicy-hot, crunchy crisps that you’ll even have. They are pure evil and you’ll love them. They sell very fast so as the rare gem they are, get them while you can!


Speciality Products - There are so many different goodies hidden in this category. These are for you who have an adventurous palate.


According to Wikipedia, Cuitlacoche or huitlacoche (corn smut in English) is a plant disease. According to Mexicans is a delicacy. The fungus that infects the corn causes the corn kernels to swell and change their colour, texture and flavour. Cuitlacoche is often mixed with cheese and used as filling for tacos or quesadillas. We even have a beautiful Risotto recipe made with it, find it here. Are you up for the challenge? Just don’t Google it, trust us and order some.


Mole is such a beautiful thing. A beautiful and full of flavour paste that is made with many ingredients such as chocolate, chillies, nuts, spices of all kinds. Its flavour can be a little hard to explain because it is a very complex sauce but it is absolutely worth trying. In Mexico, there are many different types of mole. You can find three of the most common ones with us. You can find an easy and delicious recipe on our website here


Even when beans are a very simple ingredient, you can find in our shop a huge variety of them. From ready to use, whole or refried. Black or pinto beans. On their own or with chipotle. Also hidden in our shop, black and pinto beans ready for you to cook them whatever way you like them! 


This is a paste made with annatto seeds and is one of the key ingredients to make cochinita pibil. Full of flavour and colour, a must in your kitchen if you like Mexican food. 


Drinks - Aguas frescas and fresh juices are some of the best drinks you can find in Mexico. Originally made with fresh ingredients, the second best thing is to have good quality juices and syrups.

Fruit juices 

These are a great alternative if you like anything other than orange juice. Have them really cold or even with ice for a refreshing fruity drink.


Whether you like horchata (rice-based), hibiscus or tamarind, these syrups can be mixed with ice and water for a quick and refreshing authentic agua frescas.

Have you tried any of these products? Have you unlocked these flavour levels of the Mexican gastronomy universe? This is your chance to get to know a little bit more about our products. Enjoy!



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