Tacollection II

This is not the first time that we write exclusively about tacos. Being the quintessential Mexican gastronomic staple is only normal that there are many, many taco guides out there. Last time, we separated our favourite taco recipes by type but this time, we’ll play the random game and include all of those tacos that have made us so happy to plan, make and eat! 

Taco Friday with a Mexican Twist


This is what cultural exchange should be like. Fun and in this case, tasty! This is our humble take on the classic TexMex Taco Friday made widely popular by the influence of the no less important Tex Mex food. We have kept the lettuce and the mince but given it a really extra tasty Mexican twist by adding an ingredient or two and using our beloved soft corn tortillas. These are easy, practical and really delicious! Find the recipe here

Chicken Tinga


What can we say about Tinga that has not been said before? Possibly not much and yet, here we are, sharing our take on it because such a classic deserves it so. Our recipe uses fresh ripe tomatoes but when not available, a dear follower has recommended using tin tomatoes which makes so much sense since these are usually packed when they are at their prime. Tomatoes, at the end of the day, together with chipotles in adobo, are the main ingredients in this classic. Find the recipe here.



Chilorio is a beautiful thing. Part carnitas, part cochinita but delicious and different in its own right. Pork cooked to tender perfection and then fried in this absolutely amazing adobo made with a combination of pasilla, ancho and guajillo chillies plus a magical mixture of spices making it one of our favourite tacos to date. Properly made, you can even fry the pork in lard for extra added flavour goodness. That step is totally up to you. Find the recipe here.




This can’t be a complete Tacollection without a good cochinita recipe. As with all the classics, this is one of the many ways to make cochinita. Even when some ingredients can change, what makes this pork-based dish is the use of naranja agria or bitter orange which is commonly found in the Yucatán Peninsula. For us, living so far away from México our options are to mix orange and lemon juice. This and more adaptations are taken into account to obtain one tasty cochinita recipe easily made at home. Check the recipe here!

Sweet Potato Tacos with Fake Avocado Salsa


This is a case where a simple veggie filling is all we need to use as a vessel for a great tasting salsa. This fake avocado salsa is more common than you think and a well-kept secret in most taco stands in México. A simple but effective ingredient twist is all it takes to make this lush and creamy salsa, one that we keep on repeat. Highly recommended hack! Find the recipe here. 


Panko Fish Tacos with Chipotle Crema


Fish tacos run through our veins and we just keep making more and more versions of them. This is our light but crunchy twist on a classic. Inspired by flavours from around the world, we come full circle with a tasty chipotle crema. Find the recipe here. 


Oyster Mushroom Tacos


These tacos are light as a feather but oh so tasty! Oyster mushrooms are grilled to perfection with a beautiful adobo made with soy sauce, sweet chipotles, lime juice and other ingredients that mix so well together. We included an amazing salsa recipe here too! Our favourite creamy tomatillo sauce is all kinds of amazing. Use it way beyond these tacos! Use it as dressing for salads too! Find the recipes here. 

Tacos de Asada or Steak Tacos


A classic from northern México. Pure and simple tacos, from the marinade to the toppings. This is what comfort food looks like on a normal Mexican Saturday afternoon. Here, you’ll find another favourite salsa of ours: Roasted Cactus Salsa. So, so good! Find the recipes here.


For more taco inspiration, check our Tacollection Part I. You can find some classics and some unusual tacos but all of them are truly delicious. Find it here.


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