Al Pastor Fish

Al Pastor adobo is so beautiful. It has the perfect consistency and flavour that goes so well with fish. Made with guajillo and achiote paste for a stunning flavour and colour. You can make tacos with it or serve it with rice or vegetables. This adobo would be perfect for any kind of fish or salmon. 


Al Pastor Fish

-1kg white fish such as sea bass

-4 guajillo chillies

-35gr achiote paste

-2 garlic cloves

-¼ onion

-1 tbsp vinegar

-3 tbsp pineapple or orange juice

-½ tsp ground cumin

-½ tsp oregano

-1 tsp salt

-¼ cup olive oil or any other vegetable oil

-olive oil

-1 tbsp butter

-salt & pepper

1 Start by cleaning and hydrating the guajillo chillies. Remove the stem, seeds and veins from the guajillos and rinse them under cold water. Place them in a bowl and cover them with boiling water. Leave them to hydrate for at least 10 minutes. 

2 Once the guajillos have softened, transfer them, without the water, to a blender and add the achiote paste, garlic cloves, onion, vinegar, pineapple juice, cumin, oregano, salt and oil. Blend until everything transforms into a smooth sauce. You can add a bit more juice or oil if the mixture is too thick. 

3 Pat dry the fish and transfer it to a tray. Save a couple of tablespoons of the sauce in a little bowl for later.  Add salt and pepper to taste on both sides of the fish and pour the sauce over it. Make sure the fish is well covered in the sauce and marinate for about an hour in the fridge. 

4 Add a little bit of oil and butter to a frying pan on medium-high heat and once hot, place the fish without removing the adobo. Cook the fish until it gets a lovely dark red crust on both sides. 

5 You can brush more of the adobo on top of the fish upon serving it for added beauty and flavour.


To Serve

-Corn Tortillas

-Grilled or steamed vegetables


-Lemon wedges

-Pickled onions

-Avocado with Tajin


We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have! If Al Pastor is your thing, make sure you check these previous recipes such as Al Pastor Chicken Tacos, Al Pastor Veggie Tacos and Al Pastor Chicken Shawarma. All of them are different and delicious!



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