Black Beans and Grilled Cheese with Mole

This is such a beautiful, light, vegetarian and full of flavour recipe for those of us that never use the whole jar of mole in one recipe. Mole is such a complex sauce that deserves to be used as the main ingredient as we know it, however, using it in small amounts as part of other dishes is also amazing. In this case, it transforms a simple meal of freshly cooked black beans, grilled vegetables and cheese into something very special. 


Black Beans and Grilled Cheese with Mole

-300g cooked black beans, freshly made or tinned, find our selection here.

-2 cups grilled vegetables such as courgette, onions, peppers, roughly diced

-200g grilling cheese, this could be halloumi or any other cheese that can be grilled

-2 tbsp Mole Negro

-3 to 5 tbsp boiling water

-salt and pepper to taste

- cream or feta cheese, crumbled

- white onion, thinly sliced mixed with a touch of lemon juice, salt and oregano. 

1 Warm up the beans and once hot, mix the grilled vegetables. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

2 In a small bowl, mix the mole with the boiling water, starting with 2 tbsp of water until the mole is completely dissolved. Add more water, little by little until the consistency is right for you. 

2 Grill the cheese on both sides. Depending on which kind of cheese is used, this can be very quick.

3 Serve the beans with the grilled cheese on top and dress with mole. Add some thinly sliced, lemony onions as garnish and enjoy.


  • The mole in this recipe is not meant to be used as the main ingredient but as a last touch ingredient such as a dressing. Of course, the amount could be increased to taste.
  • A mild cheese works best here to not clash with the mole. We used a grilled cheese made with cow’s milk. The only suggestion would be that the cheese can stand the grilling process. 



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