Peanut Sauce - Mole Encacahuatado

We will never get tired of expressing our love for moles. These Mexican curry-like sauces are a dish in their own right. All of them are complex, luscious, and absolutely indulgent. This one is no exception. Mole encacahuatado or peanut mole is so full of beautiful flavours and textures. The key ingredients are ancho chilli and peanuts! This one is also relatively easy to make, don’t miss out on it.


Peanut Sauce - Mole Encacahuatado

-2 tbsp vegetable oil

-2 ancho chillies

-½ cup of peanuts

-¼ white onion

-1 large garlic clove

-2 cloves

-3 ripe tomatoes

-1 ½ cups chicken or vegetable stock

-salt to taste

1 Clean the ancho chillies by removing the stem and seeds. Wipe them clean with a damp towel. 

2 In a large pan on medium heat, add the oil and fry the ancho chilli with the peanuts, onion, garlic, cloves and tomatoes. Move them constantly to avoid burning mainly the garlic and the ancho chillies. Remove them if they brown too quickly. Keep frying until the tomatoes and onions are soft and start to brown. 

3 Transfer all the fried ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend with 1 cup of the stock and salt to taste. Blend until everything is smooth. The right consistency should be curry-like, so add more stock if needed. 

4 Transfer the sauce back to the same pan where you fried the ingredients and cook until it starts to simmer. Serve hot!



  • Like all Mexican moles, this one is wonderful! However, this one is a relatively easy one to make of all moles. A few ingredients transform into a lush, curry-like sauce with fantastic flavours and consistency.
  • Traditionally this mole is served with cooked chicken or pork. However, being a veggie sauce, it can add such a beautiful twist to any vegetarian or vegan dish. 
  • Perfect to be served with white rice, just like a curry. All the beauty is in the sauce!



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