Pipián - Green Mole

Pipian or green mole is one of the most traditional Mexican sauces. This sauce is said to have origins in the Aztec and Mayan cuisines. A rich blend of toasted seeds and different greens makes it an indulgent and delicious sauce. Traditionally served with pork or chicken, given the nature of the sauce, we think this is a fantastic sauce to add amazing flavours to vegetarian dishes. 


Pipian - Green Mole

-6 tomatillos

-1 small courgette, roughly chopped

-1 or 2 jalapeno or serrano peppers (optional)

-2 garlic cloves

-½ medium white onion

-a handful of cilantro

-¾ cup toasted sesame seeds

-½ cup toasted pumpkin seeds

-¼ cup toasted peanuts

-6 peppercorns

-4 cloves

-1 cup vegetable/chicken stock 

-salt to taste

-vegetable oil

1 Make sure to toast the sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and peanuts. Be careful to not burn them, they must be toasted and fragrant.  

2 In a blender, add the tomatillos, courgette, jalapenos, garlic, onion, cilantro, toasted seeds and peanuts, peppercorns, cloves and the stock. Blend everything until smooth. 

3 In a pan, add a drizzle of vegetable oil and once hot, pour the Pipian and cook for 15 minutes until everything comes together. Taste and adjust seasoning to taste. This sauce is thick in nature because of the seeds and nuts. You could add more stock to change the texture if desired.  



  • Pipian or green mole is a traditional Mexican sauce. It can be found as a paste or as a sauce ready to use. The main ingredients are pumpkin seeds and greens. 
  • There are many recipes available for Pipian. Some recipes include lettuce leaves and hoja santa, which is a fantastic and unique Mexican herb. We have not included it in this recipe because it can be difficult to find outside Mexico. Hoja santa has a particular anise flavour. If you ever get the chance to find it, this is a fantastic recipe to use it. 
  • Even when the jalapeno or serrano peppers can be removed from the recipe, we highly recommend adding even a small amount. The slight spice that they bring is absolutely beautiful with the creaminess of the sauce. 
  • The consistency of this sauce should be thick and silky thanks to the oils from the toasted seeds. 
  • Pipian is most commonly served with pork and chicken but given the ingredients this sauce is made with, it is a fantastic base for many vegetarian dishes. 
  • This recipe yields a large amount. You can use half of it for two people and freeze the rest to use it another time.



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