Taco Friday with a Mexican Twist

We love the idea of Taco Friday! Having everything ready at the table so everyone can build up their tacos with fresh and cooked ingredients is something we can relate to. With just a few twists here and there we make this amazing tradition a little more Mexican. Talk about going full circle! Just by making your own spice mix for the beef and using fresh corn tortillas, these tacos are taken to the next level. Easy and super tasty!


Chipotle Beef

-450g mince or finely diced mushrooms or a mix of both

-½ tsp ground cumin

-½ tsp onion powder

-½ tsp garlic powder

-½ tsp oregano

-1 tsp salt

-1 tsp black pepper

-2 Chipotles en Adobo La Costeña, finely diced

-2 tbsp adobo from Chipotles en Adobo

-1 tbsp tomato puree

-1 tbsp olive oil


1 Add the olive oil and a little bit of butter to a frying pan and once they are hot add the mince and brown on medium-high. 

2 Once the mince has browned, bring the heat down to low and add the spices, the chipotle and adobo, tomato puree, salt and black pepper. Mix very well and cook for 20 minutes, covered. Taste and add more salt if necessary. 


- This is an excellent taco filling but it can be also an excellent base for chilli. Add beans, chickpeas, or fresh garlic, onion and tomatoes. 
- The spice mix together with the Chipotle en Adobo makes an amazing flavour bomb! The result is not too spicy and you can even add more chipotles if you like a bigger flavour punch. 

To Serve

-Corn tortillas

-Creme fraiche


-Fresh salsa



1 Warm corn tortillas and keep them wrapped up in a tea towel or our tortilleros so they stay warm and soft. 

2 Add the chipotle beef to your tortillas and top up with your favourite toppings and salsas. 


- Add fresh lime juice and Tajin to thinly sliced cucumbers! This is a common snack in Mexico and it goes so well as taco topping! Fresh and tasty!


- These tacos are a full circle for us. We have taken inspiration from the Taco Friday experience popular in this side of the world. We have added our own Mexican twists here and there such as making our own taco spice mix and using our beloved chipotles. However, the main difference is the use of corn tortillas instead of hard shell tortillas.
- As usual, these toppings are just suggestions and sweet corn, cheese or any other toppings are always welcomed additions. 



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