Veggie Enmoladas

Enmoladas are in essence, enchiladas covered in mole sauce. They have a lovely balance of textures and flavours, the star of the show being, obviously, mole sauce! Mole (moh-lay) is a traditional Mexican paste made with a beautiful mixture of ingredients such as nuts, seeds, dried chillies, spices and even chocolate. Traditionally, mole is served with either chicken or turkey and a side of rice, however, enmoladas such as these ones, are also a traditional Mexican dish. The Tajini dressing works great here thanks to its nutty-citrusy flavour that complements the mole sauce so well. 


Tajini Dressing

-½ cup tahini

-1 garlic clove, crushed

-2 tbsp lemon juice

-1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

-¾ tsp Tajin (or more to taste)

-black pepper to taste

-⅔ water or more if needed for consistency

1 Whisk all the ingredients together until smooth. Start with less water than indicated and add more until you reach the consistency you like. Adjust Tajin to taste.


  • Tajín is such a fantastic seasoning to have at home. It has just a hint of spice but the magic is in its salty-lemony flavour which goes fantastically well with tahini. Hence, Tajini Dressing.
  • This dressing is fantastic over salads, roasted vegetables, rice bowls, etc. Keep in the fridge for up to a week in a sealed container. 


Crispy Potato Tacos with Mole

-12 corn tortillas

-3 medium potatoes

-salt and pepper to taste

-225g Mole Negro/Red

-2 ½ chicken or vegetable stock

-vegetable oil, as needed

To Serve:

-Tajini dressing

-avocado slices

-thinly sliced onions

-fresh coriander and jalapenos

1 Wash and cook the potatoes until soft. We do not remove the skins but you can remove them before mashing. Press them until they are mashed. Season with salt and pepper and set aside. 

2 Bring the chicken or vegetable stock to a boil in a pot and once it starts to boil, add the mole paste and whisk until completely dissolved. The consistency should be silky. Bring the heat down to low and cover to keep warm. 

3 Add a little bit of vegetable oil to a frying pan, only enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Once the oil is hot, lightly fry the corn tortillas one by one. This is a quick process, flip the tortillas so they fry on both sides. The tortillas are ready when the edges start to get crispy but they are mostly soft and pliable. Transfer the tortillas to a paper towel-lined dish to drain any excess oil. 

4 Once all the tortillas have been lightly fried, add about two tablespoons of potato mash and fold in half, plate 3 or 4 enchiladas and ladle over them a generous amount of mole sauce. 

5 Serve with a drizzle of Tajini dressing and top with thinly sliced onions, avocado, coriander or any salad you like. 



  • Mole is such a wonderful dish on its own. A bold but silky sauce made with seeds, nuts, dried chillies, chocolate, spices and lots, and lots of work. Mole goes fantastically well with simple sides because its flavour is quite bold and it becomes the star of any meal. 
  • This recipe works well with either red or black mole. The difference between them relies, aside from the colour, on the flavour. Red mole is spicier and black mole tends to be sweeter.
  • Enmoladas can be filled with shredded chicken or any other veggie mix, the key of this dish is the mole sauce. 
  • Enchiladas or enmoladas are a perfect way to use corn tortillas when they are no longer fresh! Find out how to make the most of your corn tortillas here


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