Corn Tortillas, As Real As it Gets

Corn tortillas are a staple of Mexican cuisine; made with just a few ingredients and with a rich history behind them. Our beautiful Tortillas Chingonas capture that richness based on traditions and experience working with only the best quality ingredients. A good quality corn tortilla should be flavourful, flexible and nutritious. Corn tortillas are naturally gluten-free. Ours are freshly made in London, daily and are also GMO-free. 

Here at Mextrade, you can find the ideal tortilla size for your needs in yellow and blue corn. You can find them in a convenient 1kg pack in the following sizes:

-15cm corn tortillas - Our best sellers and for a good reason! A bigger tortilla means a bigger taco. These are the best tortillas to keep at home. 

-12cm corn tortillas - Perfect for everything in a slightly smaller size.

-10cm corn tortillas - Smaller tacos means more tacos! Your choice! This is the preferred size used by taqueros in Mexico. Perfect for parties and snacks. 


How to use our corn tortillas Chingonas

Corn tortillas are so versatile and they can last a long time if you know a few basic tricks. They can be stored in the fridge or even in the freezer. They can be enjoyed fresh, toasted or fried. Here’s what you should know:

Fresh corn tortillas - Warming up

  • On a pan - Warm-up corn tortillas by heating them up on a hot pan, turning them often until softened. The pan doesn’t need any oil and this process is fairly quick.  Good quality corn tortillas like ours, soften up very quickly and they become pliable again. This is the best way to warm up and enjoy corn tortillas.  
  • Over direct flame - Place corn tortillas over a direct flame, being a gas stove or a grill and turn often. This will provide deliciously charred edges while the tortilla will still be warm and flexible. 
  • Microwave - Place corn tortillas wrapped up in a tea towel or inside our tortilla warmers and warm up in the microwave for a few seconds. Depending on the microwave, this can cause the tortillas to get hard and chewy. Heat up and check often to avoid this. 
  • Important - Regardless of the method, the best tip is to always keep your corn tortillas warm by wrapping them up in a tea towel or inside a tortilla warmer. This way they will stay nice and soft for longer. 

Fresh corn tortillas - Toasting and Frying

  • Toasting in the oven - Set the oven to 180C and lay the corn tortillas flat over a baking tray or directly over the oven rack. Bake them for 7 minutes on each side. Depending on your oven, this can take slightly less or more time.  The tortillas will become fragrant and will turn slightly golden brown. Remove from the oven and leave them to cool down.  This method works great to make tortilla chips too, just cut the tortillas in the desired shape and arrange them flat over a baking tray. 
  • On the grill  - Next time you are having a carne asada outdoors, arrange corn tortillas directly on the grill over an indirect flame and leave them there for a while. They will not only get beautifully charred and smoky but also delicious! You can even sprinkle some cheese until melted to make some crunchy tostadas with your favourite toppings. You’ll find this to be a favourite treat at every party in Mexico!
  • Frying - Add vegetable oil to a frying pan and fry the tortillas, one at a time for 2 to 3 minutes. Drain any excess oil over a cooling rack and sprinkle some sea salt over them while they cool down. This method works great to make tortilla chips too, just cut the tortillas in the desired shape and fry in small batches at a time. 
  • Air fryer - This is a great way to get crispy, delicious and easy corn tortilla chips. Lightly brush the corn tortillas on both sides with vegetable oil and cut in the desired shape. Place them in the air fryer basket in single layers and bake at 180 for 4 to 6 minutes, depending on your fryer. Check them often and shake halfway. After they are done, sprinkle some sea salt over and leave them to cool down. 

Fresh corn tortillas - Storing

  • In the fridge - Corn tortillas keep very well inside plastic bags in the fridge. Make sure they have completely cooled down and that no moisture or air is trapped in the bag to make sure they don’t spoil faster. 
  • In the freezer - Make the most of your corn tortillas by storing them in the freezer for longer. You can make small packs of tortillas and take them out as needed. Delicious fresh corn tortillas on demand! To defrost, transfer the tortilla pack to the fridge and wait until completely defrosted to avoid breaking them. After that, warm them up using any of the above methods. 

To learn more about our corn tortillas and how to make yours at home, check our previous post The Other Side of the Tortilla full of interesting information. 


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