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It is not a secret that we love vegetarian food, even better if we can add a Mexican twist here and there. Contrary to popular belief, Mexican food has many, many traditional dishes that are 100% vegetarian. A lot of the flavour in our salsas and marinades comes from fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices. These are the ones to season protein-rich dishes and most of them can be tailored to be vegetarian. A classic example of this is tamales. Tamales are one of the most traditional Mexican dishes. Made with corn dough mixed with lard and filled with meat, however, it is also common to find family recipes where vegetable shortening is used instead of lard and the fillings made with no meat such as cheese and chilli stripes being one of the most popular ones. 

What would Mexican food be without salsas? Without full of flavour marinades and pastes? All of them vegetarian friendly or easily adapted to it. 

Here are just some of our favourite recipes that we have made over and over again. All of them are delicious, interesting, full of lovely textures and infused with tasty Mexican ingredients:

Beetroot Falafel with Chipotle-Tahini


This is such a beautiful recipe. It is easy, wholesome and the chipotle-tahini sauce is so delicious! We make it often because not only works perfectly well with the falafels but also as a spread, as a dressing or just as a dipping sauce. We highly, highly recommend you try this silky, smokey and nutty sauce with your vegetarian dishes. Find the recipe here.


Chipotle-Beans Sauce Tacos


This is as traditional as it gets. Using our Whole Beans from La Costena and mixing them with our Chipotles in Adobo you get a super smooth and full of flavour vegetarian sauce. We use this sauce all the time, not only with these tacos, we use it as a spread on toast or in a wrap, in quesadillas, with tortilla chips...really good stuff. Tip: Using a little bit of vegetable oil in a hot pan, you can fry and reduce this sauce and make your own vegetarian refried beans! Find the recipe here


Veggie Galette with Honey-Chipotle Glaze


As you can see, our chipotles in adobo are one of the most versatile Mexican ingredients that you can have in your cupboard. The use you’ll give to even a small tin of them is endless. You can add chipotles to virtually everything and anything. This galette is totally indulgent. The pastry is sweet and with just a hint of oomph from the chipotle-honey glaze. The root vegetables are soft and sweet, the cheese adds tangy flavours and chewy texture and the chipotle-honey dollops here and there make this galette just sublime. It doesn’t scream, it whispers. This is a perfect pie to share with family and friends, a total conversation starter! Find the recipe here.


Roasted Veggie Tacos with Chipotle Tahini Tacos


Chipotle-tahini sauce again! This is a winning pair and we will not get tired of recommending it. The veggies here are coated in a lovely spice mix, then oven-roasted making them soft but with texture. The chipotle-tahini sauce goes beautifully with the soft flavours of the veggies. Highly recommended too! Recipe here.


Al Pastor Veggie Tacos


Al pastor tacos are one of the most traditional tacos there are. Having a vegetarian option is a must. Like most dishes, all the flavour relies on the marinade, in this case, mushrooms are coated and then cooked in a beautiful and flavourful dish that becomes al pastor without having any meat. These tacos are so moreish! Recipe here.


Spring Poblanos and Tzatziki


Poblano peppers are a big thing in Mexico. They are an important ingredient as part of many sauces and dishes but also as a main dish. Chiles rellenos (filled peppers) are present in every household and Chiles en Nogada are a staple of our cuisine. However, poblano peppers are not always easy to source fresh outside Mexico so we used ours from La Costena which worked perfectly well. We filled them with a delicious and wholesome veggie mix and served them with tzatziki with a Mexican twist. These peppers are beautiful in every way. Find the recipe here.


Have you tried any of these recipes? Have you ever included Mexican ingredients while making vegetarian dishes? Let us know! 



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