Air Fryer Taquitos with Chipotle Sauce

Perfectly golden crispy taquitos filled with mash potatoes and/or chicken served with delicious chipotle salsa. These taquitos are ideal to use any leftovers too! If you have an air fryer then skip the messy frying process and get perfect taquitos in a fraction of the time with this recipe.



-2 cups leftover chicken, shredded *skip to make this dish vegetarian

-1 large potato, quartered

-1 tsp butter

-salt and pepper to taste

1 Cover the potato with cold water and bring to a boil. Cook for 20 minutes or until cooked through. 

2 Drain the potato and let most of the moisture drip off. Return the potato to the pot, add the butter, salt, and pepper to taste, and mash it. We left the potato skin on and mashed just enough to mix all together, leaving it with a lot of texture but you can make it completely smooth too.


-4 large tomatoes

-1 or two chipotles in adobo

-¼ white onion

-2 garlic cloves

-handful of cilantro

-1 tsp oregano

-½ tsp ground cumin

-½ cup chicken or vegetable stock

-vegetable oil

-salt and pepper

1 Blend the tomatoes, chipotles, onion, garlic, cilantro, and cumin until smooth. 

2 Add a little bit of oil to a saucepan and set up the heat to medium-high. Once hot, add the salsa and the stock and bring to a boil. Lower the heat down to keep a steady simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook the sauce, uncovered for 15 minutes or until the sauce has thickened and reduced a bit. 

Air Fryer Taquitos

-12 Corn tortillas

-Vegetable oil

-2 cups finely sliced cabbage

-fresh salsa

-crumbled feta cheese

-creme fraiche

-fake avocado salsa found here 

1 Lightly fry the corn tortillas in a little bit of vegetable oil. Just enough to make them pliable. Transfer them to a dish lined with paper to absorb any excess oil. If you are using freshly made corn tortillas, then you don’t need to do this since they should be flexible and ready to be rolled. Once they are rolled, just lightly brush them with a little bit of oil to turn them perfectly golden brown in the air fryer. 

2 Add a bit of potato to the center of the tortilla followed by chicken. Do not overload them so they can be rolled easily. 

3 Once all the taquitos are assembled, transfer them to the air fryer and place them next to each other. Depending on how big the basket is, you may need to do this in two or three batches. Do not overcrowd the basket. 

4 Set your air fryer to 180C and cook for 7 minutes. This can change depending on each air fryer. The taquitos are ready when they are perfectly crispy and golden brown. 

To Serve

1 Add a good amount of the sauce at the bottom of a dish and place the taquitos on top. 

2 Top the taquitos with cabbage salsas salsa. Add a good amount of crumbled feta cheese and creme fraiche. 


  • These taquitos are perfect to use any leftover mash potatoes, chicken, or even beef that you need to use.
  • The sauce can be as spicy as you want it to be. By adding one chipotle you’ll get a very smoky and tasty salsa but not too hot. Add more if you have no problem with spicy food. You can also remove the seeds from the chipotle to reduce the heat. 
  • Some people prefer their taquitos with lettuce instead of cabbage. 
  • The key to rolling perfect taquitos is to use corn tortillas! 
  • The ideal way to eat these taquitos is with your hands! You grab them by the end sticking out of the plate and dip them in the sauce and add toppings as you eat them. 
  • This recipe is perfect as a vegetarian dish by skipping the chicken. Everything else, as a lot of Mexican food, is vegetarian-friendly!


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