Spicy Tomato Sauce

If you are not afraid of garlic and spicy sauces, this recipe is for you. So delicious! Good crusty bread is all you need for a light but ridiculously good lunch, use it with pasta, homemade pizza, cheese slices, avocado or anything you fancy. 


Spicy Tomato Sauce

-½ garlic head

-2 cups cherry tomatoes or any other small, sweet tomatoes

-2 Arbol chillies 

-¼ cup olive oil (or more as needed)

-salt to taste

-oregano to taste

1 Add the olive oil to a saucepan and turn on the heat to medium-low. Slice one garlic head in half and place it, face down onto the oil, leaving the peel on. As it starts to bubble a bit, reduce the heat right away to the lowest setting, cover with a lid and leave the garlic to cook until soft and the garlic comes out of the peel on its own. 

2 After 15 to 20 minutes or so, and the garlic cloves have softened, add the tomatoes, cover the pan with a lid again and cook until the tomatoes burst easily with a light press. The garlic cloves must be very, very soft at this point. This can take a bit of time, check often, every 10 minutes or so. Add more olive oil if needed. 

3 Once the garlic and tomatoes are bursting and transforming into a sauce, slice one Arbol chilli into little pieces and add it to the pan together with a whole Arbol chilli. This will make it easy to remove one Arbol chilli if it becomes too spicy whilst it releases its lovely flavour into the sauce. 

4 Add salt and oregano to taste.


  • This is a very simple sauce but so beautiful at the same time. There are two key things to consider here. One, the garlic needs to be soft, it should be spreadable and sweet. The other important part is the Arbol chilli. This amount of chilli will make this sauce spicy but not overly hot. Arbol chillies have such a beautiful nutty flavour aside from the spice. The slow cooking of the garlic and the sweetness from the tomatoes are just a perfect combination with the heat from the chillies. 
  • Is this a good sauce to use with pasta? Absolutely yes!
  • Is this a good sauce to enjoy with cheese? 100% yes! This sauce is amazing with either burrata, mozzarella or even a mature cheddar!
  • This sauce makes the tastiest lunch or a beautiful appetizer with some good crusty bread.
  • This recipe can be easily doubled and adjusted since most of the ingredients are to taste. 

To Serve

We just love this sauce over crusty bread. It's the simple things! This sauce, as simple as it looks, is so tasty that needs very little to be the star! Adding cheese or avocado to the mix as we did work wonderfully too. With pasta? Fantastic! 



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