Homemade Salsa Collection

Salsas are so important in Mexican cuisine. They can completely change and improve many dishes. There are many different ways to make them but they often rely on simple and fresh ingredients. An added bonus is the fact that they are all veggie-based! Here’s a small collection of our favourite salsas to date.

Roasted Cactus Salsa 


This is such a fantastic salsa. It is spicy, bright and very easy to make. The addition of Arbol chillies and cactus makes it almost like a spicy salad thanks to the beautiful flavours and texture. We have been using it with tacos, on its own with tortilla chips and over our morning eggs. You can find it included with these Steak tacos

Easy Chipotle Salsa 


The key to this salsa relies on the chipotles in adobo that when mixed with just tomatoes, onion and garlic become this fresh, bright beautiful easy salsa that goes with everything! This salsa goes so well with everything and you can find it included with these Homemade Ricotta Taquitos.

Creamy Tomatillo Dressing


We called it dressing because it is so good with salads but in reality, is one of our favourite salsas to this day. It has all the flavours and consistency to be used with everything. It is bright, slightly spicy, creamy and so easy to make! We can’t recommend this one enough. Find the recipe included with our Chipotle Adobo Tempeh

Salsa Macha


The Queen of all Mexican salsas. Salsa macha is just so fantastic! An oil-based salsa that is fiery, so flavourful and full of amazing textures. We love it with tacos, quesadillas, fried rice or anything Asian inspired, it is amazing over avocado toast, and with just about anything! There are many, many recipes for salsa macha but for us, these two are the ones we keep making on repeat. Find here the recipe for Loaded Salsa Macha made with three different dried chillies. And our classic Salsa Macha recipe here

Cascabel Salsa


Cascabel chilli is very similar to ancho chilli. Fruity and with a mild spiciness is perfect for flavourful but not too hot salsas. We have loved using this salsa as often as we can. Perfect for tacos and more such as with roasted veggies or chicken. Find the recipe here

Fake Avocado Salsa


The secret to many taco stands in Mexico! It is not an unknown fact that avocados are not only expensive, even in Mexico, and the chances to get them good and tasty are low. Enter this fake avocado salsa that by using the right ingredients, we end with a beautiful, creamy salsa that you wouldn’t believe has no avocado in it at all! Find it included in our Steak Jacket Potato recipe here

Have you tried any of these? 

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