Pulled Pork with Tamarind - Chipotle Sauce

This pulled pork is so good on its own but the tamarind-chipotle sauce takes it to a new level. The flavours are intense, a bit sweet and very, very moreish. Make sure you serve your pulled pork sandwiches with a good amount of sauce plus more on the side for dipping. This simple but tasty slaw will bring texture and balance to this sandwich to make it just perfect.


Pulled Pork Dry Rub

-2 tbsp brown sugar

-1 tbsp chilli powder (ancho chilli is fantastic here)

-1 tsp sea salt

-1 tsp smoked paprika

-1 tsp black pepper

-1 tsp oregano

-1 tsp garlic powder

-1 tsp onion powder

1 In a big bowl mix together all the seasonings. 

2 Pat dry the pork roast using paper towels. 

3 Add the pork to the bowl with the spices and cover the whole piece. Cover in plastic wrap and leave it inside the fridge for at least 6 hrs.

Pulled Pork

-1kg boneless pork shoulder

-2 tbsp olive oil

-1 cup dark beer

-1 onion sliced

1 Preheat oven to 148°C

2 In a large oven-safe pot add the oil and when it is really hot add the onions. Cook them for 5 minutes.

3 Place the pork in the pot and sear on every side. We are looking for a nice golden brown crust to form all around. Turn off the heat. 

4 If your pot is big enough to fit the pork, then add the beer to the onions and pork, cover and cook for at least two and a half hours. 

5 If your pot is not big enough to go in the oven, transfer the pork and the onions to an oven-safe dish, deep enough to hold the beer too. Cover really well with aluminium foil and seal as best as possible. Transfer to the oven and cook for at least two and a half hours.

6 It is a good idea to check the pork halfway through the cooking process to see if there’s plenty of liquid. Add a little boiling water if needed and continue cooking. Depending on your oven, you can easily cook the pork for longer up to 3 hours. 

7 Remove from the oven and allow to cool until it is safe to handle and pull apart.


Tamarind-Chipotle Sauce

-200g Chipotles In AdoboLa Costeña

-100g tamarind sauce 

-½ white onion sliced

-2 garlic cloves

-2 tbsp honey

-1 tbsp white vinegar

-¾ cup water

-salt & pepper

-1 tbsp olive oil

1 In a small saucepan on medium heat, add the olive oil followed by the onions. Cook for 6 to 8 minutes until soft and starting to brown. 

2 Add the garlic and cook for 3 more minutes. Then, add the chipotles and cook for 5 minutes.

3 Add the tamarind sauce. The tamarind sauce we used had sugar so mind this when adding sweetness to your sauce. If you use tamarind sauce without sugar, add either brown sugar or honey to taste. The sweetness in this sauce is to give balance, not to be overly sweet. Cook for 10 minutes more.

4 Blend the sauce and return to the saucepan. If needed, add a little bit of the water.

5 Add the rest of the water and continue cooking. The consistency should be that of barbecue sauce or ketchup. Use more water if needed. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Check also if you are ok with the tamarind or chipotle in the sauce and add little amounts of them (or a lot) until is right for you.  


Easy slaw

-1 cup white cabbage finely diced

-5 sprigs of coriander finely chopped

-¼ red onion finely diced

-2 tbsp Pickled Jalapenos La Costeña finely diced

-1 tbsp creme fraiche

-1 tbsp mayonnaise 

-1 tbsp pickled jalapeños La Costeña brine

-Fresh lemon juice

-Salt & pepper

1 In a bowl, mix the creme fraiche, mayonnaise, pickled jalapeño juice and season with salt and pepper. Add a few drops of lemon juice to taste. 

2 Add the cabbage, coriander, onion and jalapeños and mix well. 


To serve:

-Brioche buns lightly toasted

1 Add a good layer of the pulled pork followed by a big dollop of the tamarind-chipotle sauce. Top the pulled pork with the slaw and enjoy! 

Don’t forget to keep a good amount of the tamarind-chipotle sauce on the side for dipping! It is deliciously moreish! The pork and the sauce are so tasty that you don’t need anything else but the slaw to balance it. 


-The tamarind-chipotle sauce is hot but extremely moreish! You can always remove the seeds from the chipotles in adobo before using them. This removes some of the heat but leaves a delicious smoky flavour.

-As usual, our recipes work as a guide, you can always tailor them to your taste. By using the main suggested ingredients, you are able to obtain the flavours and adjust how much salt, sugar or oil to add. 

-The key to tender and delicious pork is to cook for a long time in low heat. Patience is rewarded here with tender, beautiful, pulled pork. 



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